Editorial Staff Changes

Effective July 1, 2018, John McCracken will no longer be an Editor for Rare Byrd Review.


This was a hard decision to make, but it is the right one for everybody involved. When I started Rare Byrd Review with Sonya, I wasn’t even thinking about the future. I was thinking about the now and how I can impact the lives of young writers. Even with our online presence still budding, I feel that good work is being done. I wish that a journal like this had been around, or at least I would have known about it when I was younger. I wanted to be that light for young writers. I hope the work previously done and the work that will continue to be done will be the best it can be.

Simply put, I was stretching myself too thin. There is something to be learned about being overburdened with projects across the board. Be it writing, social, work, and anything else I was trying to tackle head-on. I don’t want to give less than 100% to things anymore. I will continue writing and possibly pursuing other editorial roles, but taking a step back is what I need for more emotional and mental health. Never underestimate the power of treating yourself with care. It is something that I am still learning.

I wish every writer, future staff, Sonya ,and every single person involved with Rare Byrd Review the best of luck in the future.

Sonya is insanely capable and I wish her the best of luck in all of this. Hopefully between talking about episodes of Friends and lamenting about Plath, she’ll knock this journal out of the park!

Keep writing. Keep reading. Keep writing work that scares you. Keep reading work that challenges you. Keep submitting. Keep being you.


John McCracken

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