Black lives matter

‪RBR stands in solidarity with the Black community and recognizes the priority to denounce injustice, all forms of racism, and violent policing. We condemn the murder of Black Americans at the hands of police. ‬

‪We support those gathering in protests, those who are grieving, and urgently demand a systemic change. ‬

‪Real change requires time, dedication, and a collective commitment toward dismantling racist practices. Be a part of the change.‬

‪Stay active, stay educated. It is our job to educate ourselves as a step towards equality. ‬

‪You can not combat injustice with silence. ‬

‪As RBR continues to think of ways to address the unequal treatment of people of color, we aim to foster a literary space that is welcoming, inclusive, and supportive to all. ‬

‪#blacklivesmatter #blm ‬

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