There are journals for undergraduate students, professors, acclaimed writers, and so many more people who already have their footing in the literary world. But where does their writing often start?  At a young age.

We are dedicated to showcasing the talent found in junior and senior high schools. We know that these students have a voice that is new, profound, bold, and yearning to be heard. We want to help with that.

We accept submissions from students in junior high and high school from across the nation.

You, the student, are one of a kind. You are a writer, poet, critical thinker, photographer, artist, and everything in between. We want to help you get your work out into the public world and will help you every step of the way. Even if you do not make it into the issue, we will provide feedback to help you grow because that is what we as writers should be doing constantly.

We do not charge for submissions. We are currently a small journal with an even smaller budget.For information on donations, sponsorship, or more to help support our young writers, contact hello@rarebyrdreview.com

Rare Byrd Review, Nora Goldie Felman.
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